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Full payment for all services is expected at the time the service is provided
unless arrangements are made in advance. At this time, we are unfortunately
unable to bill for services provided. We can assist you in applying for credit
through Riverside Finance or Care Credit.
Currently, Riverside offers a 90 day same as cash payment option. Please talk
to our receptionists for more information on this service.

Payment Methods
Payment is due at the time services are rendered. We accept cash,
personal checks, Visa, Master Card, and Discover. In addition we do accept
the major forms of pet medical insurance.

Boarding and Grooming Prerequisites
In order for us to provide boarding and grooming services, we require
that your pet be current on his/her vaccinations. For dogs, proof of a
current distemper, rabies, and bordetella vaccination is required. If your
dog has not had these vaccinations, we will be happy to provide them at the
time of boarding/grooming. For cats, proof of a current distemper and Feline
Leukemia vaccination is required. If your cat has not had these vaccinations,
we will be happy to provide them at the time of boarding/grooming.

We require vaccinations for two reasons. First, vaccinations are the best way
to ensure that your pet stays healthy while it is under our care. Second,
requiring vaccinations helps us to ensure that other animals in our care do not
contract specific bacteria/viruses while staying at the clinic.

Heartworm Testing
Heartworm testing is strongly recommended on an annual basis for all dogs.
While heartworm medications are virutally 100% effective if used properly, there
is no way to guarantee that your pet ate and metabolized the medication properly.
Missed and/or late doses can result in a heartworm infection. Annual testing
ensures that your pet is staying negative. If by chance your pet ends up positive,
annual testing allows us to detect and treat your pet in the earliest stages of disease,
when complications and long term cardiovascular damage are most often minimal.

Heartworm medications are prescription items (i.e. they are not over the counter
medications) because serious complications can result if used in certain situations.
This means that we cannot dispense them without proof of a negative heartworm
test. This policy exists for the safety of your pet.

Cats can become infected with heartworms as well as dogs so we do
recommend the monthly administration of heartworm preventative for cats. More
details can be obtained from our staff.

Pre-Anesthesia Bloodwork
Anesthesia poses risks for all patients regardless of species, breed, age,
or sex. The best way to minimize some of the risks of anesthesia is to have
bloodwork done prior to surgery. A pre-operative chemical profile
evaluates the liver and kidneys, the two organs mainly responsible for
metabolism of anesthetics. It will also look at blood sugar, and protein levels.
A pre-operative CBC will look for evidence of subclinical infection (white
cell count), anemia (red cell count), and clotting ability (platelet count).
By evaluating these parameters ahead of time, we can identify problem areas prior
to surgery. This can allow us to delay anesthesia and surgery before problems arise.
We encourage all of our surgical candidates to have bloodwork done prior to the
administration of any anesthesia.

Internet and Catalog Pharmacies
We do not advocate the usage of internet and/or catalog pharmacies for a
variety of reasons. The products obtained from these pharmacies have been known to
come from countries other than the United States. This means that these products
do not have to meet FDA guidelines. Therefore, strengths, dosages, and label
claims for these products may be different than what is approved in the United
States. The usage of such non-approved products could result in serious and even
fatal complications. For this reason, the major manufacturers of these products do not
authorize internet and catalog pharmacies to sell their medications and do not
stand behind these products. We are here to take care of your pets and are
concerned for their well-being. If the manufacturers of these drugs are not willing
to trust products obtained by internet and catalog pharmacies, why should we?
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Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
29 June 2014