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Check out some of the cases we have had at our clinic.

Each of the links below will discuss the actual history, diagnosis, and
treatment of some of our cases. Special thanks to our clients for allowing
us to share their stories on the internet.

Caution: Some of the cases contain graphic pictures of surgical
procedures, injuries, and illnesses and may be disturbing for some people.

Anal Gland Abscess
Bite Wounds/Chest Trauma
Bladder Stone Removal
Bladder Cancer
Bone Cancer
Caustic Skin Lesions
Cancer Cases
Cancer (skin) and Chemotherapy
Clipper Alopecia (hair loss)
Consequences of Not Spaying/Neutering
Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE)
Ear Hematoma
Foreign Bodies
Forelimb Wounds (Hit By Car)
Intervertebral Disk Disease
Intestinal Obstruction
Itching and Hair Loss Cases
Joint Hematoma
Lipoma Removal
Megaesophagus w/ Thoracic Surgery
Needle Ingestion
Oral Lymphosarcoma
Oral Trauma (Hit By Car)
Q-tip Removal
Rectal Prolapse
Sarcoptic Mange
Severe Skin Damage/Slough
Skin Infection Due to Skin Fold

Karen Blakeley, DVM, MPH
18 July 2010